Eternal Imagination

Do you see me?
Can you hear me too?
He asked a question,
to whose answer,
he already knew.

In the day to day,
of noises and
competing distractions,
I forget that,
I am,
giving life to all kinds
of wonderful
and crappy reactions.

We constantly hear
our own inner speech,
all the time, day and night.
Its what expands or limits
the bounds of mortal reach
into divine imagination’s
invisible light.

Within our own
human mind,
is the eternal body
of imagination,
and the ‘blind cannot
lead the blind’,
only awareness reveals
this corroboration.

All things are birthed
in imagination
and in this world of shadows,
every natural effect
has a spiritual causation.

As a hawk,
on the wing,
catches thermals,
effortlessly soaring,
ever higher.
is the invisible force
of creation,
calling to your life,
the people, places and
circumstances it would require.

not like in a daydream,
but as inner transformation,
although for some,
or even for many,
it may outwardly seem,
to be
blasphemous information.

So let me
always be,
what has danced
around the edges
of my life,
all of my life,
my journey,
from innocence
to experience,
and on to
an awakened imagination,
in my daily practices
and sacred application.

all that is good

There came
a time,
when the moment
was frozen.
It made him
to be more true,
from limb to limb,
and he just knew,
that he is what he has chosen,
not only intellectually,
but spiritually.
So he decided
to focus on all that is
good, right and lovely.

Panda and a Bluebird

a tale of spiritual powers

One day, he saw
an unlikely pair,
in a field of flowers.

There was
a bluebird
and a panda bear.
He watched as they
laughed and frolicked
for what seemed like
hours upon hours.

Their friendship grew,
as they shared and cared,
and even though
only one of them flew,
mystical things they dared
imagine to do, came true.

The bear was giddy to fly,
so his friend
called out to the sky,
“come on down, and let
your colors surround’,
feathers and fur
became tightly color-bound.
The panda’s feet
raised off the ground
and as he was lifted on high
they danced merrily
amongst the flowers
on the clouds up in the sky.

she emerged

She emerged,
from the colored clouds,
feeling stronger.
She just couldn’t
take it any longer.
Those damaging lies,
propped-up with a
steady supply of hypocrisy,
shattering the foundations
of morality, society and democracy.

But what had been done
is now becoming undone,
and up from the ashes
of the modern-day dark ages,
a renaissance,
of art and written pages
rising the zombie-like
not hiding
in the silent voices of most,
but spiritually applying,
and returning shadows to ghost.
And as a great battle ensued,
not a single shot was fired,
for of all the lies
and hypocrisy,
everyone grew weary and tired.

#spirituality #morality #democracy #enoughisenough

letting go of limiting beliefs

letting go of limiting beliefs…..

“The outer limit of your potential is determined solely by your own beliefs and your own confidence in what you think is possible.” -– Brian Tracy

say goodbye to your limiting beliefs – rich okun

Like the clank of tin,
long trailing, string-tied cans;
my limiting beliefs still dog me.

“Hear me,
conscious, unconscious, known and unknown.
I’m stating my intentions to dethrone.”

I untie you, one by one
till the noise quiets to a stop.
My unseen courage has just begun,
eyes water not –
a regretful tear drop.

Go Fishing

Wading in
the deep ocean
of creative consciousness,
into a sea of imaginative
states and experiences
that are just waiting
to be occupied,
she goes fishing.
She does not
bestow awareness,
upon the sensed reality
that she is crucified,
but rather, on what
she is wishing.

She simply
cannot ignore
her own experiences,
and she’s no fool.
She knows that
this operation can
be applied for the good
or for the cruel,
and she only wants
to be consistent
with the path and practice
of the golden rule,

So in that drowsy state,
within the sea of
endless possibilities,
she fishes for that feeling.
And when its found
the truth unfolds revealing,
her feet are firmly
planted on the ground,
for the contract is signed,
as she has been renewed
in the spirit of the mind.

#spiritual #metaphysical #poetry #painting #fishing

no trespass

No trespass

I could’t help
but notice,
as I watched you emerge
from the flowered tall grass,
how perfect
you’re being there was.
No sin, no trespass.

#wolf #blessing #nature #love #balance

to deepen the mystery

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery – Francis Bacon

On the hunt,
knowingly awake,
to deepen the mystery,
with every breath I take.

And in the morning,
upon waking,
my closed-eyes look,
my hands gently shaking,
my heart already shook,
so that when
the chase begins,
its with a clean slate,
forgiving any
and all spiritual sins.
And then I am
left to choose
am I love or am I hate.

And as my imagination
projects upon the screen
of time and space,
I choose to live
in the sacred reality
of a divinely glorious grace.

#mystery #metaphysical #spiritual #poetry #painting

across the waters

across the waters

The trees ooze
autumn’s sweet colors
subtly across the
skies and waters
as they defuse
through the days,
in the misty fog and rains.

And as the
winds blow colder,
the month grows older,
and only their mellifluous
memory remains.

#autumn #colors #poetry #painting #spiritual