Every morning,
in the wee small hours,
a hallowed time
of quiet and still.
Away from
all the mayhem
and my perfectly
misdirected will.

With no question
to ask or to answer,
no narrated blow by blow,
I just let go
and come to know,
the what and why
of my sacred I.

Caught up in routines

Caught up in routines,
we operate on automatic,
as oblivious machines,
or toys in the attic.

But to become conscious,
in its deeper connection,
brings light to the darkness,
of its mystical protection.

Your heart beats,
you take a breath,
endlessly, it repeats,
until worn-out in death.

Its that part of you,
that tells your body’s cells,
to repair like new,
and cast magic spells.

It gets you from here to there,
like you’re in another dimension,
when you are not even aware,
or paying attention.

Its what binds you
to the universal mind.
And if only you knew
oh, what magic you’ll find.

You can touch it,
with a gentle thought.
At your command,
you can commit,
like the ancients taught.

To direct and control,
this treasure that’s given.
Then you bust-out on parole,
from the prison you’re livin’.

But I do

But I do

From my perch
I watch you walk away.
You come to my church
most every day.

You talk to the trees,
walk barefoot in the grass,
politely say ‘please’,
and prayerfully you ask.

You may not think
that anyone sees you
– but I do,
– I do…

To joyfully be

To joyfully be
and patiently feel
is life’s signal to me
to feel it real.

Do you see what I see?
Can you hear it too?
Could it be me?
Or is it you?

Yes it is.

letting go

We are human beings
not yet evolved,

rather like seedlings
a puzzle, still unsolved.

We want to possess; 
a freedom to suppress;
and call it love; 

its what we think of.

rather than letting go,
and letting love flow,

the way it is intended,
instead of just pretended.

Happily ever-after

The ups and downs,
and unexpected surprise,
with twists and turns,
to mislead and disguise.

There is willful pretense,
to garner drama and suspense,
just to elicit tears and laughter.
But, I’ve seen the last scene,
and I’ve read the last chapter
regardless of appearance,
its a happily ever-after.


I know how I am
and I know how I can be,
and I know you may think
that you’ve had enough of me.
But I am not enoughable.

Transcending what comes natural

I remember that day
when the sky
was painting green,
and I also saw the craziest thing
I had ever seen.

A big ole’ raven,
perched up on a limb,
squawking out loud
and looking down at him.

A very pretty kitty,
looking up at that bird.
I had a feeling it was not
the first time they’d conferred.

Frolicking on the ground,
a rolling ball of feathers and fur,
a messy mass of fury and sound,
I was terrified for him and her.

But as it turns out,
these unlikely friends
were just enjoying playtime.
A loving scene
that lifts and transcends,
what comes natural, to the sublime.

Danger and Wonder

What am I going to do now?
(“be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10)

I feel;
my skin tingle,
my blood warms,
hands and feet wrinkle,
my breath billows and storms.

How wonderful
being fully in my senses.
I come so alive,
as danger and wonder,
breaks down my defenses.

But in silence and reverie
a spiritual sense fills me.
‘What’s his is mine
and what’s mine is his’,
are the lyrical consequences
of the oneness of all that is.

love breaks the ties

Love breaks the tides
of experiencing limitation.
Love points and guides
our divine conversation.

So cuddle up, close.
Even closer, if you please.
Its love I need most,
to calm my stormy seas.