Make a choice

Make a choice

The choice
of who you are
is always a matter
of mind and heart.
Its not a formula
nor a science,
but rather
its a spiritual art.

If I fail
in my human duty
its the nature of the beast.

As I am the beauty,
so too am I the beast.

And if that seems unfair,
its quite okay,
cause I’ll take up spirit’s dare.
and do it anyway.

I can do nothing

I can shower you
in loving affection,
but when you’re
mad or sad,
in this world
of shadowed reflection,
I can do nothing for you,
but patiently wait,
much as I want to move you
from that painful state.

But I Can,
lovingly imagine you
filled with joy,
smiling and laughing
all over the place.
And it gladdens the heart
of this little boy
to give you my
full measure of Love’s
godly grace.



on his soulful mission,
where roads narrow
to a focused intent,
leading to another event,

he came upon
a familiar phrase,
presented once more,
with a different scene,
actors and ways,
yet still like before,

this time,
faced with a choice,
he chose differently,
and raised his voice
dripping in divinity.

His redemption
came so swift
and complete,
secret memories,
he’d mention
only in sleep,
turned from
pained and bitter,
to loving and sweet.

end of an era

I am a Veteran and on this day supposedly set to honor those who served – I cry out for a country and a society that has lost its way.

We’ve come
to the end of an era.
The noose is firmly set.
No longer do they care
about the people,
or sworn duty, they
conveniently forget.

morals degrade
with every election,
their pompous
bombastic parade,
is a fatal infection.

The truth
has no meaning,
in a world of
lies and deception,
when everything
seems evil leaning,
you have to know
we’re going in
the wrong direction,

but this
is what happens
when your buttons
are mined,
with hate and fear,
being pushed and pulled
by those so inclined.
The very worst of
everything is called here.

a fire warms

There is something
about a fire,
that opens the stillness,
warms my
latent desire.
Inner quibbles
are quelled
on this chilly night,
casting magical spells,
in its flickering light.
Earthly material,
spun with the ethereal,
I am dizzyingly
lost in its dance,
to a meditative state,
so delightfully entranced,
till I create,
and become
master of my fate.

Rainbow Warrior

He rises up,
as do the many.
Head crowned,
with colors of light,
swirling around.

Fed up with greed,
and watching lies
and deceptions
offered only to receive
more and more greed.
He took as his task,
to look into his core,
and ask,
how ever,
can we be freed.

As the prophesy is told,
a Warrior of the Rainbow,
walking a path of gold,
shines a light on his shadow
to heal the world,
and as the drama unfolds,
he looks within
and beholds,
what is,
and will be.
For by his own projection,
all he sees
is only a reflection,
and all he hears
is just an echo,
to be let go.

The Cree, Hopi and Sioux Indians speak about mighty Rainbow Warriors that will inhabit our planet in the future and they will come in time of the great awakening.
A Native American prophecy tells us that “when the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.”

great unknown misty sea

the great unknown misty sea

If I stare
into you,
I sense a staring
back at me,
and I feel the strong
misty sea,
call out to me.

“Come home,
where you’re from,
whenever and as often,
as you desire and are ready”.
It was the great unknown
that proved to always be
my life’s finest steady.

Stay in love

Stay in love

and it is here,
watching the grasses grow,
questioning everything
I think I know,
that nothing
makes any sense,
in a past or future tense.

Only the present
expresses itself,
and as long as
I give life to
the state of love,
I will be;

Spheres of light

in space and time,
these spheres of light.
My true thoughts and feelings
are within
states of awareness in flight.

Decreeing is ever-done
in consciousness,
with infinite states of being.
Its the foundation
of everything,
causing how I feel
and what I am seeing.

With a longing
to be controlled,
each state is
a self-contained bubble,
floating in the air,
that I can catch and hold,
until it becomes natural,
and what inly I wear.

I know,
there’s no one to
credit or blame
but self,
as my life
will always go
by way of
the state I choose,
good or bad,
win or lose,
and so does my
good or bad behavior.
When choosing a state
either knowingly or not.
I am my own devil
and / or my own savior.

what do you see?

When you
look at me,
what do you see?

A beautiful child,
or do you feel riled,
a better or worse,
a person or thing,
something to curse,
a new song to sing.

Does it cause you,
to love or to hate,
embrace friendship or fear,
have an inner debate,
smile or shed a tear.

Is Black or White
all you can see,
when you look at me?
Do you see life
from the dark
or from the light,
’cause other’s are looking
the same way at you and me.