Danger and Wonder

What am I going to do now?
(“be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10)

I feel;
my skin tingle,
my blood warms,
hands and feet wrinkle,
my breath billows and storms.

How wonderful
being fully in my senses.
I come so alive,
as danger and wonder,
breaks down my defenses.

But in silence and reverie
a spiritual sense fills me.
‘What’s his is mine
and what’s mine is his’,
are the lyrical consequences
of the oneness of all that is.

love breaks the ties

Love breaks the tides
of experiencing limitation.
Love points and guides
our divine conversation.

So cuddle up, close.
Even closer, if you please.
Its love I need most,
to calm my stormy seas.

Love’s Firebrand

Love’s firebrand.

Become as a little child,
and don’t forget to play,
be still and gather
your inner wild,
and let your divine display.

Commune with the one
who always hears,
and let it fill
your heart and soul,
for as you grow,
all through the years,
life can take surely its toll.

There is so much
we don’t understand,
and if its the ‘truth’
we care to touch,
we would be Love’s firebrand.

David’s mystical discovery

I see both sides now

Seeing both sides

He looks
with both eyes,
and sees differently now.
He can see both sides,
from the heart’s
impassioned vow,
to the source of pain
and finds that neither
love or fear are

Entangled contrasts,
are but one
and the same.
Each succumbs
and outlasts,
the other’s
premature claim.

There’s a quickening going on

There’s a quickening going on
with explosions that make no sound,
and where no flash, change of light,
color or contrast can be found.

Different laws will apply
with eyes of wonder remade,
as now its subtleties that supply,
the vast oceans in which you wade.

Circle was squared

‘There was a noise
over there’
‘yes, I heard it too,
I wonder what it was?
what do you want
to do?

As they walked from
here, to over there,
he asked ‘did you see that,
that circle was squared?’

He and the bird
went looking
for what they heard
and then found themselves,
wholly declared.

Just one more throw

When the sun goes down,
the last throw is thrown,
and I can’t believe how fast
my playtime has flown.

“Just one more toss and then,
I’ll be ready to leave,
if you just throw it again,
I’ll happily retrieve.

Its one of my greatest joys,
spending this time with you,
and although I love all my toys,
its the frisbee I most love to pursue.

So come-on, give me a break,
we’ve only been here an hour,
do it for our relationship’s sake,
we wouldn’t want that to sour.”

one more throw
but then we gotta go”
He smiled and said,
while shaking his head.

I’ll bet you can guess
what happens next,
yep, no different than me
and always wanting more,
over and over and like before,
“just one more throw”
she says,
“but, we gotta go”
he says.

Red Sapling

you are
that lone red sapling,
amongst a sea of green.
Standing tall, ever-growing
through space and time,
and no matter the odds,
finding her way
to the sun and soil,
as you reach for the stars.

Now I’m found

No longer a seeker
for now, I am found.
I’m a feeler, I’m a thinker.
I make the world go round.


Somewhere along the way,
he noticed, there was a swan
that always followed him.
He asked;
“what are you doing?”,
then heard the swan say;
“I’m teaching a fish to swim”.

“Am I the fish
you’ve come to teach?”
“Yes, and within your wish,
is its fulfillment of each.

Not visible yet,
but present, all the same,
your color throws a colorful net,
connecting when you call my name.

Grace, light and beauty
are always following you,
and though you may not see it yet,
its still eternally true.”

He embraced
the swan’s sage advice
and fully bought
the pearl of great price.

The swan settled back
and watched with joy.

“Its me,
that’s me!”,
trumpeted the boy.

and just as he saw it
it came to be..