My life’s purpose

My life’s purpose

She used to search for

meaning and purpose,

trying to fill a void she had.

She felt her life

was a 3 ring circus,

and it just made her feel so sad.

A little kitten

standing all alone,

shivering in the rain.

She couldn’t just walk away,

or leave her there,

for she could feel her pain.

So she scooped her up

in her loving arms,

and kissed her little face.

The kitten kissed her back

and gave her a hug,

in a long, wholehearted embrace.

And even though

she was hungry and cold,

she gave up her food and coat.

Cuddling close,

purred her grateful relief,

in a beautiful musical note.

Nothing else mattered.

Not the cold,

nor the hunger,

in that moment,

she was fulfilled.

For when entangled

in compassion’s spell,

you fall under,

and you are spiritually distilled.

That day

she discovered,

there are lots of

meaningful life purposes,

not just the one.

She thought upon them,

and found,

she was already living

a life of purposes done,

and what goes around

comes around.

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