a design of living

With the faith of a child,
whose heart,
dancing in a field of imaginings,
has been mystically beguiled,
her everlastings,
dreaming her loves and desires,
in all that materially transpires.

Her power is in
those invisible thoughts
she speaks in her head.
Those thoughts, she has,
all the time,
that become her daily bread.

She thought,
‘What if its true?’
that what she’s presently
thinking and feeling,
carries into the future,
then she can prophesy.
So why not have thoughts
and feelings that imbue
all that is good,
just, and lovely into.

She rejected
the common notion
that Prayer was
only for special times,
with specific trinkets,
rules and mimes,
or only in certain places,
and when trouble comes,
for begging divine graces.

For her,
more so,
its a way to be,
a design of living,
with heart and mind
a disciplined devotee
of expressive thanksgiving.

She found that
her faith was rewarded
with consistent results,
and she wondered why
it was all but forgotten
by those silly adults.

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