a hero’s journey

‘Test yourself”
the ancient mystics dared,
and so he did.

He watched
as his thought,
became a state,
that he felt it was his,
and then it became a thing.
A Hero’s Journey
from innocence to experience
to awakened imagining.

He bathed
in that rule that’s
golden like the sun,
helping, not hurting,
everything and everyone.
He saw
that it was good,
and his world took shape,
as it should.

to the unseen reality,
is its own reward,
as from the depth of his
own immortality,
is more fully explored,
and his personal experience
which cannot be ignored.

Some, may think
him crazy.
But, if it proves itself
in the doing,
then what does he care
what others think,
especially when every dare
is one step closer
to our divine, eternal link.

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