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I am Rich Okun – This site samples my work which is to take the wisdom of the ancients and express them through words and pictures. Paintings and poems in simple language for all ages. Oftentimes I will use a famous quote to begin and then expand the thoughts.

I invite you to view our books, apps, products, and vignettes. Vignettes are the short but meaningful posts that are self contained in their expression.

Come back often as I will be adding material regularly to the Vignette and Maya tabs as well as posts.

This site is named after our first book, The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy. Please contact me, subscribe and comeback often. You can send me an email via the email icon on the right of your screen.

Rich Okun (rich.okun) on about.me

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    1. Hi Danette. What are you in? The website? The app? A post? Can you be more specific please.
      I sent you an email to your email address with my email.
      Thank you

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