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Maya’s Daily Meds – an app for the heart, mind and soul

From Press Release:
While smartphone Apps are an integral part of our daily lives and can deliver everything from the vital to the ridiculous, few have the ability to impact their users after an iPhone is back in the pocket. However, an empowering and transformative App from artist/author Rich Okun is about to do just that, in a true-world’s first. ‘Maya’s Daily Meds’ is a holistic new App that delivers inspiration and meditation to calm the spirit and ground users for a productive day.

Doing away with traditional text ‘push’ notifications, the App uses Okun’s puppy Maya, as the subject of quotes, paintings and related audio. With uplifting content inspired by some of the world’s great philosophers, spiritual leaders and writers – the App’s unique fusion of text and visual/audio media will improve anyone’s state of mind. “The name plays on the words Meditation, Medicine and Medication.

“The App is full of enormous ideas. The user will first see a series of colorful paintings, followed by a soundbite-sized famous quote expanding to a short and simple lyrical interpretation, then more stunning and vivid accompanying artwork, including an audio reading. Our goal is to strike a balance between playful and illuminating. Each will provoke deep thought and send the recipients’ emotions soaring.” Of course, everything is based around Maya herself, who loves to pose for Okun’s artwork and impart her bold influence on everyone she meets. “Three years ago I developed a unique format where I’d utilize Maya’s love and zest to hearten others’ spirits. I would take a spiritual thought, shared in the form of a notable quote, then write a lyrical interpretation and draw a painting featuring Maya. We turned this into a blog, which soon became a staple for thousands around the world. The quotes and artwork were then transposed into for bestselling books.

This App is the next step in our journey, as we try to empower as many people as we can,” he adds. The App is available for the iPhone and the iPad in two versions – one free and another paid. The free version provides everyday posts for a 2-week trial and then will revert to one post each week (including a quote, poem, painting and audio). You can upgrade to the FULL version, for a dollar that provides a post everyday, as well as a myriad of other features including; customizable delivery times, audio for each quote, a navigable archive and the ability to share posts via social networks.

Whatever version an individual chooses, Okun guarantees that the App’s cute, serious, whimsical and always-surprising messages will delight and move all in thought and feeling. ‘Maya’s Daily Meds’ is NOW available:

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