Awakened Imagination

Here I am.
You asked me to come,
so I did.
I’ll tell you where I’m from,
but its way off the Grid.

I am,
and come from where;
music is every note,
and from,
the scores of laws,
that provide buoyancy,
to every boat.

From where;
the wind blows
a painter’s eye,
and a writer’s mind,
to cut through any
undertone or lie,
no matter how well
performed or designed.

From where;
I see and hear
inner speech
from the heart,
and not just what you
say or preach.
I take the whole,
never just a part.
Then I unfold it to you,
with a ribbon and bow,
every fraction of you,
captured, held then released,
in holy escrow.

I come from where;
the only thing there is,
is unquenchable desire.
It is my gift of enchantment
in your passion’s fire.

I come from there;
within every human soul’s
awakened imagination,
lies within,
the mysteries of causation,
and the source of all creation.

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