I called upon the fox

Today, I called upon the Fox,
because the crazyness wore on and on.
I felt I was trapped in a tiny little box,
feeling all my conclusions foregone.

“Teach me to be invisible,
to blend in and not be seen,
far from the unforgivable,
to the loving and serene.”

When the Fox appeared,
we both tinted red,
my body felt weird,
and I was woozy in my head,

then we just melted away,
vanishing to the world of experience,
and into our surroundings,
with unseen forces in blind obedience.

I could see and hear others,
but they could not see me,
and the more I watched the mayhem
the more grateful I was to invisibly be.

I was so excited to learn
how to escape the crazy and unkind,
and whenever I need to return,
its only a slight movement of mind.

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