Do Be – Do Be – Do

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Do Be2

When you feel the need
to freshen
and renew,
just remember this expression;
and Do-be, Do-be, Do.

Creative rhythms,
to spiritual laws uphold,
neither trifle or ‘isms’,
nor bought or sold.

I will meet you
at that place,
the intersection
of what is,
and can possibly be.

A sacred space,
on the edge
of the formed and formless,
and whatever choices,
I make of me.

And then, if the seeker
no longer asks the question,
‘when is two really one?’,
into the body and mind,
will come a suggestion,
to rest,
that for now,
your journey is done.

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2 Replies to “Do Be – Do Be – Do”

  1. Do be do be do
    Is this like Scooby do d0… How you do it
    I’ll never know how you do It Yes
    poems are my Medicence Thank you again
    for sharing with me your wisdom and Talent
    And wonderful Talents !

    1. Hi Fran – Do-Be-Do-Be-Do is many things but here it means the creative cycle as described by Dr. Amit Goswami in Quantum Creativity – you “Do” for a while and then you just “Be” – and repeat ..

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