Eternal Imagination

Do you see me?
Can you hear me too?
He asked a question,
to whose answer,
he already knew.

In the day to day,
of noises and
competing distractions,
I forget that,
I am,
giving life to all kinds
of wonderful
and crappy reactions.

We constantly hear
our own inner speech,
all the time, day and night.
Its what expands or limits
the bounds of mortal reach
into divine imagination’s
invisible light.

Within our own
human mind,
is the eternal body
of imagination,
and the ‘blind cannot
lead the blind’,
only awareness reveals
this corroboration.

All things are birthed
in imagination
and in this world of shadows,
every natural effect
has a spiritual causation.

As a hawk,
on the wing,
catches thermals,
effortlessly soaring,
ever higher.
is the invisible force
of creation,
calling to your life,
the people, places and
circumstances it would require.

not like in a daydream,
but as inner transformation,
although for some,
or even for many,
it may outwardly seem,
to be
blasphemous information.

So let me
always be,
what has danced
around the edges
of my life,
all of my life,
my journey,
from innocence
to experience,
and on to
an awakened imagination,
in my daily practices
and sacred application.

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