Go Fishing

Wading in
the deep ocean
of creative consciousness,
into a sea of imaginative
states and experiences
that are just waiting
to be occupied,
she goes fishing.
She does not
bestow awareness,
upon the sensed reality
that she is crucified,
but rather, on what
she is wishing.

She simply
cannot ignore
her own experiences,
and she’s no fool.
She knows that
this operation can
be applied for the good
or for the cruel,
and she only wants
to be consistent
with the path and practice
of the golden rule,

So in that drowsy state,
within the sea of
endless possibilities,
she fishes for that feeling.
And when its found
the truth unfolds revealing,
her feet are firmly
planted on the ground,
for the contract is signed,
as she has been renewed
in the spirit of the mind.

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