The God-seed awakened

She smiled,
when she saw
within the very depths
of her own soul,
that the being,
inside of her,
is meditating her.

The God-seed awakened,
as the meaning of life
rearranged its themes,
old ones are forsaken,
and everything is of a
substance my spirit dreams.
What next,
will capture my fancy
and rouse my imagination?
I know, when I
start getting antsy,
something new,
invites my participation.

Once my
imagination bestows
tones of reality,
and it feels natural,
to wear;
and if I view the world
from there,
and it is from
where I dwell,
then it matters less,
what’s sensed,
as my vision continues
to outwardly swell.

All things are
spiritually called
before they come to pass,
and once imagination’s
script is installed,
everything needed will,
most assuredly amass.

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