I was told a secret

I was told a secret,

that was hidden in plain sight,

this fundamental world

is extracted from our very own

inner light.


In every moment,

I travel from innocence

to experience,

and to myself,

I am,

secretly whispering,

that which I am now



I was in cosmic reflection,

when then I awoke,

to where dreams are born,

and like the mighty Oak,

that grows from a tiny acorn,

my true powers were invoked.


Its my private inner assumptions,

that awaken what they affirm,

so long as I persist in them,

until they come-about full term.


In a relaxed

but focused desire,

I find

all the necessary connections

to entangle and unwind

the great mystical affections

in my day,

which molds itself

from the sum of what

I hold to be true.

Pushing-out from within,

as all my thoughts and feelings

create and continue.    


The whole

of creation is done,   

and I thank the stars,

the moon and the sun,

that will always

shine upon

my perfect and only One.

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