Just one more throw

When the sun goes down,
the last throw is thrown,
and I can’t believe how fast
my playtime has flown.

“Just one more toss and then,
I’ll be ready to leave,
if you just throw it again,
I’ll happily retrieve.

Its one of my greatest joys,
spending this time with you,
and although I love all my toys,
its the frisbee I most love to pursue.

So come-on, give me a break,
we’ve only been here an hour,
do it for our relationship’s sake,
we wouldn’t want that to sour.”

one more throw
but then we gotta go”
He smiled and said,
while shaking his head.

I’ll bet you can guess
what happens next,
yep, no different than me
and always wanting more,
over and over and like before,
“just one more throw”
she says,
“but, we gotta go”
he says.

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