Once in a Blue Moon

She laid down,
under a Blue Moon,
a moon she really
wanted to choose,
and whose,
colors and light
within the softness
of her heart
and rightful feelings.
She let her mind
surrender to its calm, cool
influential dealings.

Entangled in
the breath of,
a Northwind,
blue covered her,
and with blueish
gestures of good,
she assumed it to be,
as if it were,
and she then understood,
all the
heartbreak and pain,
that her story
whose glory,
her shadow undoes,
for what it really was,
and is to be;
a love of the all,
in its totality,
and she need only
accept and agree,

Only then,
comes the one,
who truly sees you.
That steady one,
like the sun
shines without fail.
You’ll discover that,
this LOVE,
is the holy grail,
a love that’s true,
and then, so are you.

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