Only the very best

“Only the rarest kind of best in anything is good enough for the very young.”  Walter De La Mare        Purchase prints here

Only the very best_Painting

On whose shoulders,

does responsibility lay?

To ensure and to guard

what is on display.

Bring hope and compassion

to their world and expand.

Honor the most cherished

is our life’s command.

Only the best,

is good enough.

Keep a lid on,

all the other stuff!       

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2 Replies to “Only the very best”

  1. These few poems I read today their right where I am thank you so very much!

    Channa’s pussy cat Friend has been coming by our court yard entrance

    Looking for her and I feel bad I have no way of commincating with her

    That her dear friend is gone ….. but; Spiritually she here and
    there and everywhere Thank you again my Luv!

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