an orange-beige sky

The old shaman
was losing his connection
with the Great Mystery.
His medicine had become weak,
and he felt unworthy.
So he went on a walkabout,
and while stopping to rest,
he fell fast asleep.
Under an orange-beige sky,
he dreamed and questioned,
but there was no reply.

When he awoke,
sitting and looking at him,
was an orange-beige cat,
who climbed up on his head,
and just comfortably sat.

They could both feel
the interplay of their souls,
and having secured their roles,
a spiritual balance came back.

A young soul,
in an old shaman’s body,
befriended an old soul
in a young orange-beige cat,
whose partnership told the unlikely story,
of his magical powers return to glory,
when on his head he wore the cat as a hat.

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