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A noise, this morning
at the break of dawn.
Where did it come from,
in the house or the lawn?

Then, I saw you
sauntering on by,
a certain look
in everyone’s eye.

Heard your heart
as you silently spoke
an awareness you impart,
its message I uncloak.

Its meaning sent,
by ways unknown,
asks a feverent consent,
in such a poignant tone.

“We won’t bother you,
and we’ll be no trouble,
but if you feel that we do,
we’ll be gone on the double.”

“Me casa es tu casa”
came into my mind,
and without a doubt,
so divinely divined.

so now
gone the fear
for under the house
there’s a family to rear.


“To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else.” – Emily Dickinson.  – except discovery (rich okun) ….  to buy this print click


I’m alive.
and not just here
to survive
or live in fear.

Am I not yet convinced
of my part
in divinity?
Isn’t my body deeply rinsed
in the waters
of infinity?
Isn’t a oneness now I see
really in all,
with affinity?

That which is sought
was never outside.
A feeling, a thought,
as the ancients described.

Lost beloved, found

Words of wisdom came to me at last
”the beloved you’ve lost
the one you’ve been seeking outside
can only be found inside” – Rumi     Buy print HERE
lost beloved found

High and low,
and all around,
down, and out,
and all about.

But, when we are still,
and look deep within,
our destiny is in free will,
the divine, under our skin.

a cloud

a cloud          buy print click
a cloud3
I called upon
a cloud today,
and watched it
come to be.
More than coincidence,
I dare say,
this apparition that
now I see.

How did I do that?
I have no idea.
from where I sat,
a thought
made a cloud appear.

the hummingbird came

“My story begins with when the hummingbird came to me one Saturday morning talking to my Uncle: I knew at the moment I arrived here on Mother Earth the reason I was here was to be a witness, to help birth a new earth by saying yes to it. My mission is to bless the flowers and be blessed by them and to reveal to others the sacred beauty of the earth. Thanks Creator.” – Raven Redbone

We all have a story,
so the story is told.
To live in our glory,
to have and to hold.

Mine is like yours,
all a part of the we.
Each hummingbird ensures
to unlock, that masterkey.

Hear beneath their twitters,
that ‘yippidee!’ melody.
Soft iridescent flitters,
‘come fiy with me’.

you sent the winds

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You sent the winds,
felled ancient trees,
an old pattern rescinds,
in the warm April breeze.

no fanfare at all

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No blare of trumpets,
no pomp and circumstance.
No flyover jets,
nor ceremonial dance.

No muss,
no fuss,
no fanfare at all.
Silently you appear
just before nightfall.

Why then is there
this electric excitement
and all this hullabaloo?
Its only me
expressing my
deepest love to you.

I ain’t no Rumi

I ain’t no Rumi         to buy prints click

I ain't no Rumi

I ain’t no Rumi
and I’m no
William Blake,
go ahead and sue me
if its more
than you can take.

I’m not a Picasso,
nor Michelangelo.
I’m just a mellow,
creatively inclined fellow,
who’s been touched
by Great mystery,
and succumbed to her bite,
impelled to tell
my history
in what I live,
paint and write.

Walk in the ordinary

Walk in the ordinary          To purchase prints click here
walk in the ordinary You walk
in the ordinary,
in the mundane
and the everyday.

In the routine,
and the necessary,
molding your
potter’s clay.

With not,
a whimper or a bang,
not a cheer or a boo,
not a yin or a yang,
it just happens to you.

Something deep inside,
awakens and knows,
the secrets of creation,
and how life really goes.