I was told a secret

I was told a secret,

that was hidden in plain sight,

this fundamental world

is extracted from our very own

inner light.


In every moment,

I travel from innocence

to experience,

and to myself,

I am,

secretly whispering,

that which I am now



I was in cosmic reflection,

when then I awoke,

to where dreams are born,

and like the mighty Oak,

that grows from a tiny acorn,

my true powers were invoked.


Its my private inner assumptions,

that awaken what they affirm,

so long as I persist in them,

until they come-about full term.


In a relaxed

but focused desire,

I find

all the necessary connections

to entangle and unwind

the great mystical affections

in my day,

which molds itself

from the sum of what

I hold to be true.

Pushing-out from within,

as all my thoughts and feelings

create and continue.    


The whole

of creation is done,   

and I thank the stars,

the moon and the sun,

that will always

shine upon

my perfect and only One.

My life’s purpose

My life’s purpose

She used to search for

meaning and purpose,

trying to fill a void she had.

She felt her life

was a 3 ring circus,

and it just made her feel so sad.

A little kitten

standing all alone,

shivering in the rain.

She couldn’t just walk away,

or leave her there,

for she could feel her pain.

So she scooped her up

in her loving arms,

and kissed her little face.

The kitten kissed her back

and gave her a hug,

in a long, wholehearted embrace.

And even though

she was hungry and cold,

she gave up her food and coat.

Cuddling close,

purred her grateful relief,

in a beautiful musical note.

Nothing else mattered.

Not the cold,

nor the hunger,

in that moment,

she was fulfilled.

For when entangled

in compassion’s spell,

you fall under,

and you are spiritually distilled.

That day

she discovered,

there are lots of

meaningful life purposes,

not just the one.

She thought upon them,

and found,

she was already living

a life of purposes done,

and what goes around

comes around.

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I remember,
getting angry,
at the littlest things,
giving power
to whatever I let
pull my strings.

Whether it was people
or situations,
whatever I thought was
causing me aggravations.
I would react
like some marionette
and even more dark attract,
to my shadowed silhouette.

But it was never
any of those circumstances,
nor was it any other person.
It was me all along,
and it would only worsen
when I sang the dreaded
victim song.

The source
of my freedom
and of my discontent,
was knowing,
that no matter what it is,
only I can prevent,
and I must take,
credit and blame,
for everything I name.
For that which I feel and see,
is my experience,
out picturing from me.

What’s to become of me

What’s to become of me

I wonder
what’s to become of me.
There’s a scent in the air,
that I clearly see,
I smell flowers
through the touch
of my fingers,
and I taste whatever
my imagination places
in a memory that lingers.

My senses
have flipped,
they’re no longer
so reliable.
I read them
differently now,
as my world
becomes undeniable.

However you carry a prayer

you carry a prayer,
to the one who always hears,
you make your self-aware,
and drive away your fears.

It may be
in ceremony
that brings you
to lovingly create,
a single minded focus,
in a spiritually
surrounding state.

It may be
bare feet in the grass,
or singing, dancing, or chanting,
or an object that holds some
sacred space
or even staring into
the flame of a fireplace.

it is for you,
to know that it is done,
and you feel that unity,
that sole thought of the One.

Fourth Dimensionally

To the light,
I let loose,
that spirit flies free
and breaks through
the barriers,
I set up in me.

That light whose fire
scorched my wings,
opened my eyes,
and awakened a desire
that torched
all those things,
so cleverly disguised.

From where I come,
you can bet I’ll return,
taking all that I can,
from what I can learn.

So I take great care;
to eat and drink,
but make soulful aim;
to see and think,
fourth dimensionally,
and there,
evermore dwell I,
most intentionally.

The lesson

There was
this lesson
I needed to learn,
but I just couldn’t
seem to master.
All that I had do
was to be true
to my vow,
and simply
let and allow,
my fortunes
into dreams,
from pending disaster.

Make a choice

Make a choice

The choice
of who you are
is always a matter
of mind and heart.
Its not a formula
nor a science,
but rather
its a spiritual art.

If I fail
in my human duty
its the nature of the beast.

As I am the beauty,
so too am I the beast.

And if that seems unfair,
its quite okay,
cause I’ll take up spirit’s dare.
and do it anyway.

I can do nothing

I can shower you
in loving affection,
but when you’re
mad or sad,
in this world
of shadowed reflection,
I can do nothing for you,
but patiently wait,
much as I want to move you
from that painful state.

But I Can,
lovingly imagine you
filled with joy,
smiling and laughing
all over the place.
And it gladdens the heart
of this little boy
to give you my
full measure of Love’s
godly grace.



on his soulful mission,
where roads narrow
to a focused intent,
leading to another event,

he came upon
a familiar phrase,
presented once more,
with a different scene,
actors and ways,
yet still like before,

this time,
faced with a choice,
he chose differently,
and raised his voice
dripping in divinity.

His redemption
came so swift
and complete,
secret memories,
he’d mention
only in sleep,
turned from
pained and bitter,
to loving and sweet.