Stay in love

Stay in love

and it is here,
watching the grasses grow,
questioning everything
I think I know,
that nothing
makes any sense,
in a past or future tense.

Only the present
expresses itself,
and as long as
I give life to
the state of love,
I will be;

Spheres of light

in space and time,
these spheres of light.
My true thoughts and feelings
are within
states of awareness in flight.

Decreeing is ever-done
in consciousness,
with infinite states of being.
Its the foundation
of everything,
causing how I feel
and what I am seeing.

With a longing
to be controlled,
each state is
a self-contained bubble,
floating in the air,
that I can catch and hold,
until it becomes natural,
and what inly I wear.

I know,
there’s no one to
credit or blame
but self,
as my life
will always go
by way of
the state I choose,
good or bad,
win or lose,
and so does my
good or bad behavior.
When choosing a state
either knowingly or not.
I am my own devil
and / or my own savior.

what do you see?

When you
look at me,
what do you see?

A beautiful child,
or do you feel riled,
a better or worse,
a person or thing,
something to curse,
a new song to sing.

Does it cause you,
to love or to hate,
embrace friendship or fear,
have an inner debate,
smile or shed a tear.

Is Black or White
all you can see,
when you look at me?
Do you see life
from the dark
or from the light,
’cause other’s are looking
the same way at you and me.

a life of love

Living a life of love

Where have I
placed my attention?
What am I now aware of?
Which thoughts
are worthy of mention?
Am I living a life of love?

Its a time and setting
to another’s care.
Its an everyday thing,
not some special affair.
Sets the air on fire.
and if you dare
express our godliest desire,
an enchanted gaze
whose invisible thread
between us runs
and an electric charge
goes through my head
with the radiance
of a thousand suns.

Drawn to the light

She was drawn to the light,
invited by the color
coming through,
blending into her surroundings,
she became aware and knew.

She bent down
and sipped sweet nectar,
from flower pedals
drenched in morning dew,
listened to the forest sounds
recite their version of
‘the world according to.’

She was one with the scene,
in harmony with nature.
A part of everything,
as everything, was sure
a part of her;
and it carries her away,
every moment in everyday.

a white quartz heart

walking on a trail,
I focused my mind
on a tiny little detail,
and it was that part
of thought of you
which yielded
a white quartz heart.
Love was etched
in stone
along the path
I’m on
and walk upon,

The wisdom of the Owl

That night
of the lunar eclipse,
I walked quickly,
following a moonbeam pass,
along a path I divined.
I came upon some tall grass,
where a spotlight shined.

a mystical light skips,
along in the dark,
from a sliver in the eclipse,
and though barely recognizable,
I caught a glimpse
of a wet, limp
and well-concealed,
owl feather laying
in an open field .

I felt the owl looking down
from his place on the tree.
and as he watched me
I fell to my knees and asked,
“for who’s good can it be?”

Thinking it a sign
of something to come
I heard a whisper
and in the night air,
a soft, gentle hum,
“no, its a message,
its a message
of your freedom.”

As much as I
would like,
I may never know,
what’s really behind
whatever gifts I find,
wherever I may go.
But for the mystery
in my wonderful
human imagination,
that wisdom will
most assuredly flow.



Every morning,
in the wee small hours,
a hallowed time
of quiet and still.
Away from
all the mayhem
and my perfectly
misdirected will.

With no question
to ask or to answer,
no narrated blow by blow,
I just let go
and come to know,
the what and why
of my sacred I.

Caught up in routines

Caught up in routines,
we operate on automatic,
as oblivious machines,
or toys in the attic.

But to become conscious,
in its deeper connection,
brings light to the darkness,
of its mystical protection.

Your heart beats,
you take a breath,
endlessly, it repeats,
until worn-out in death.

Its that part of you,
that tells your body’s cells,
to repair like new,
and cast magic spells.

It gets you from here to there,
like you’re in another dimension,
when you are not even aware,
or paying attention.

Its what binds you
to the universal mind.
And if only you knew
oh, what magic you’ll find.

You can touch it,
with a gentle thought.
At your command,
you can commit,
like the ancients taught.

To direct and control,
this treasure that’s given.
Then you bust-out on parole,
from the prison you’re livin’.

But I do

But I do

From my perch
I watch you walk away.
You come to my church
most every day.

You talk to the trees,
walk barefoot in the grass,
politely say ‘please’,
and prayerfully you ask.

You may not think
that anyone sees you
– but I do,
– I do…