Go Fishing

Wading in
the deep ocean
of creative consciousness,
into a sea of imaginative
states and experiences
that are just waiting
to be occupied,
she goes fishing.
She does not
bestow awareness,
upon the sensed reality
that she is crucified,
but rather, on what
she is wishing.

She simply
cannot ignore
her own experiences,
and she’s no fool.
She knows that
this operation can
be applied for the good
or for the cruel,
and she only wants
to be consistent
with the path and practice
of the golden rule,

So in that drowsy state,
within the sea of
endless possibilities,
she fishes for that feeling.
And when its found
the truth unfolds revealing,
her feet are firmly
planted on the ground,
for the contract is signed,
as she has been renewed
in the spirit of the mind.

#spiritual #metaphysical #poetry #painting #fishing

no trespass

No trespass

I could’t help
but notice,
as I watched you emerge
from the flowered tall grass,
how perfect
you’re being there was.
No sin, no trespass.

#wolf #blessing #nature #love #balance

to deepen the mystery

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery – Francis Bacon

On the hunt,
knowingly awake,
to deepen the mystery,
with every breath I take.

And in the morning,
upon waking,
my closed-eyes look,
my hands gently shaking,
my heart already shook,
so that when
the chase begins,
its with a clean slate,
forgiving any
and all spiritual sins.
And then I am
left to choose
am I love or am I hate.

And as my imagination
projects upon the screen
of time and space,
I choose to live
in the sacred reality
of a divinely glorious grace.

#mystery #metaphysical #spiritual #poetry #painting

across the waters

across the waters

The trees ooze
autumn’s sweet colors
subtly across the
skies and waters
as they defuse
through the days,
in the misty fog and rains.

And as the
winds blow colder,
the month grows older,
and only their mellifluous
memory remains.

#autumn #colors #poetry #painting #spiritual

I wonder what it feels like

Divine imagination,
its how it all began.
And imagination is
all the same, whether
divine or human.

So I’m going to use
all the tools that
I have been given
and that I can,
to make true,
that which I
intend and feel is true,
to affect my best life,
and even better than.

If I am successful
in molding my true beliefs
to agree with my desires,
then my world reflects
that I am that,
then shapes and conspires
to draw to me
and present from me,
what I purposefully aim at.

I found a living truth
within the deep of myself.
It may sound fantastical,
and suspending the judgement
of my senses may not
seem so practical,
but if I prove to myself,
that what happens is real,
what care I
what others may
say, think or feel.

#metaphysical #spiritual #feelings #poetry #painting

a primal urge

a primal urge

I hear the howl
of a primal urge,
and cannot resist
its call.
Try as I might,
and through
the day and night,
it occupies my all.

And I wonder,
about should I resist,
and should I even try,
if it hurts no one
and nothing?
The answer’s
in the why,
(if you get my gist),
there’s nothing
worth discussing.

#desires #spiritual #poetry #painting #forest

When the heavens painted me

When the heavens painted me.

My head was spinning,
in material dealings.
My heart was swimming,
in emotional feelings.
My spirit,
sensed the color,
dripping from the sky,
was painting me,
in unlimited supply.
I am happy and alive,
and that is my life’s
happy and alive, reply.

a hero’s journey

‘Test yourself”
the ancient mystics dared,
and so he did.

He watched
as his thought,
became a state,
that he felt it was his,
and then it became a thing.
A Hero’s Journey
from innocence to experience
to awakened imagining.

He bathed
in that rule that’s
golden like the sun,
helping, not hurting,
everything and everyone.
He saw
that it was good,
and his world took shape,
as it should.

to the unseen reality,
is its own reward,
as from the depth of his
own immortality,
is more fully explored,
and his personal experience
which cannot be ignored.

Some, may think
him crazy.
But, if it proves itself
in the doing,
then what does he care
what others think,
especially when every dare
is one step closer
to our divine, eternal link.

a cloud was hanging over my head

There was a cloud

hanging over my head,

and it darkened me.   

Its a rage that when fed,

makes the whole world unlovely.


You can pick

your own poison,

it doesn’t matter which one,

injustice, politicians, religion,

anything that you find wrong,

under the sun.


Observing that my raging feeling

hurts me more than it hurts you,

I set a course for inner healing,

its really the right thing to do.

Aligning to a loving meter,

I dismissed the drama on stage,

got swept up into something sweeter,

and now we’re on the same page.


So going forward,

my practice will be,

to dispel fear from my reality,    

anytime that my spirit and me,

feel a rise from an angry sea.