on the outside looking in

On the outside looking in

She always felt,
some rotten hand dealt,
and that she was,
on the outside, looking in.
But she began looking out,
from the inside,
and a different concept of self arose,
which made the two notions collide
and her whole world recompose.

I am the tiger

it is a tiger that devours me,
but I am the tiger; – Jorge Luis Borges

the wild,
the innocent,
the child,
and know
that as it goes,
you are
all of those.

The noise in my head

When I close my eyes,
thats when I see,
how much noise there is,
thats affecting me.

Not just the noise
that I hear,
(that static that reaches
my ear,)
but also what I see,
smell and feel.

This noise in my head
is obnoxiously real.

with my eyelids closed,
and my imagination active,
I can silence the noise,
that held my whole world captive.


I looked up,
for heaven above,
only to find it within,
nestled between
imagination and love,
and expressed through that
‘heaven’ state you’re in.


Oh, when I see
that look,
or hear that tone,
or feel that shame,
its disappointment’s game.
And its so hard to bear
because I know it means
there’s something I took
from something we share.

a collection of thoughts

What if;
what I call ‘me’
(that ego facade)
is really a collection
of some thoughts of God.

Self organized,
in the soul,
beautifully arranged,
to make up the whole.
But ever changing in form
with a calm before
and after every storm,
and, thru me,
about me,
not at all at odds
with eternity.

Communicating and relating,
always anticipating.
Until enjoined once more,
as has been done,
so many times before.

I called upon the fox

Today, I called upon the Fox,
because the crazyness wore on and on.
I felt I was trapped in a tiny little box,
feeling all my conclusions foregone.

“Teach me to be invisible,
to blend in and not be seen,
far from the unforgivable,
to the loving and serene.”

When the Fox appeared,
we both tinted red,
my body felt weird,
and I was woozy in my head,

then we just melted away,
vanishing to the world of experience,
and into our surroundings,
with unseen forces in blind obedience.

I could see and hear others,
but they could not see me,
and the more I watched the mayhem
the more grateful I was to invisibly be.

I was so excited to learn
how to escape the crazy and unkind,
and whenever I need to return,
its only a slight movement of mind.

a change of consicousness

He took notice, one day
and was surprised,
by how things subtly betray,
when so cleverly disguised.

But, when observed
as a movement in god,
imagination is served,
and his reality’s facade,
will mold itself into,
and out of itself
will be taken,
all that’s untrue,
restored to what is
eternal and unshaken.

soft and mushy

the cycles of life
– soft and mushy

Once hardened sinew,
now soft and mushy
to the touch.
Softened her character,
and made more loving,
ever so much.

Her ways and means softening,
to a slow and gentle pace.
Endearing and adoring;
a time of memories storing;
a time;
awash in heavenly grace.

Better by far

You don’t
have to like
all of life’s
if you see them
as the gifts
that they really are,
things just seem
to work out better,
– by far.