an ageless essence

an ageless essence       to buy prints click

an ageless essence

I stare,

into the knowing

of an ageless essence,

only aware,

by my coming and going

in child-like innocence.

I sense in each flower

the infinite unchanging.

Though my senses devour

the illusions they’re arranging.

For that

which arises in time,

ends in time,

and in between,

what is true for me,

expresses, externally.

My eyes

will challenge,

in heated negotiation,

my nose

smells and measures,

each fragrant deviation,

and my soul,      

will sense in the world,

the whole,

of creation.

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Flying through colors

Flying through colors       you can buy prints here

flying through colors

Whatever colors I fly through,
makes me feel a certain way.
I can’t seem to control the hue,
and its contrast has gone astray.

But then I remember,
that colors are perceived
by the act of surrender
to what you believe.

So I flew again,
held this thought
in my mind,
and ever since then,
there are rainbows
before and behind.

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Only the very best

“Only the rarest kind of best in anything is good enough for the very young.”  Walter De La Mare        Purchase prints here

Only the very best_Painting

On whose shoulders,

does responsibility lay?

To ensure and to guard

what is on display.

Bring hope and compassion

to their world and expand.

Honor the most cherished

is our life’s command.

Only the best,

is good enough.

Keep a lid on,

all the other stuff!       

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a magical quest

a magical quest – buy print here

a magical quest11

“Dive into your heart center. Sit in the silence. Desire self-realization with all your heart, with all your mind, and all your soul. Everything will take care of itself.” – Robert Adams

Is there anything
more beautiful
than a dream,
well expressed,
and then becoming?
Its a magical quest,
with reality succumbing
to an effortless molding
and the present
so perfectly unfolding?


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