Somewhere along the way,
he noticed, there was a swan
that always followed him.
He asked;
“what are you doing?”,
then heard the swan say;
“I’m teaching a fish to swim”.

“Am I the fish
you’ve come to teach?”
“Yes, and within your wish,
is its fulfillment of each.

Not visible yet,
but present, all the same,
your color throws a colorful net,
connecting when you call my name.

Grace, light and beauty
are always following you,
and though you may not see it yet,
its still eternally true.”

He embraced
the swan’s sage advice
and fully bought
the pearl of great price.

The swan settled back
and watched with joy.

“Its me,
that’s me!”,
trumpeted the boy.

and just as he saw it
it came to be..

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