Path of least resistance

I was walking along
a path in the woods
and noticed it’s natural
contours, and curves
and how it wound around
trees and stones,
like rivers and streams.
I saw doubtless evidence
that the most natural path,
is that of least resistance.

I came to rest,
closed my eyes,
and then a darkness
overtook the forest.
When I opened my eyes
there, was a girl,
in the black of night.

I saw how easily
she sent her subtle light
to dance in the flowers,
and how she
brought them to life,
animating a glow,
as one of her powers.
She didn’t lend
any effort to enter,
save for the surrender to a flow,
from her inner center.

Then I realized that,
it was me,
I am giving life to that scene,
and everything I was seeing
was of the many worlds in-between.

2 Replies to “Path of least resistance”

    1. Yes – It was always my dream growing up to be able to be in nature and not surrounded by concrete, glass, traffic and noise… Thank you

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