Spheres of light

in space and time,
these spheres of light.
My true thoughts and feelings
are within
states of awareness in flight.

Decreeing is ever-done
in consciousness,
with infinite states of being.
Its the foundation
of everything,
causing how I feel
and what I am seeing.

With a longing
to be controlled,
each state is
a self-contained bubble,
floating in the air,
that I can catch and hold,
until it becomes natural,
and what inly I wear.

I know,
there’s no one to
credit or blame
but self,
as my life
will always go
by way of
the state I choose,
good or bad,
win or lose,
and so does my
good or bad behavior.
When choosing a state
either knowingly or not.
I am my own devil
and / or my own savior.

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