The BlueBills

It was in a very
noisy conference,
when the BlueBills
decided to leave the nest.
Their squawks
were pretty heady,
with differing opinions,
purporting to be the best.
Are we really ready?
Is it warm enough?
What if we fall
or land in the rough?
Will we fly steady
or fly into a wall?
And how can we fly,
when we’re too
scared to even try?

Just then,
one BlueBill,
rose from the crowd,
stood tall
and spoke-up out loud

“I don’t know
how it comes to pass,
But we need only choose,
and then follow that path.“

Then after a
moment of silence,
one by one,
they left the nest,
and when all was
said and done
it was their unwavering
so very well expressed.

We need leaders that inspire the best in people like the BlueBills – as Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently stated “We need leaders not in love with Money, but in love with Justice. Not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity”.
and we shall have them…

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