This girl is on fire

Inspiration (in-spirit) – Life is an act of inspiration..

This girl is on fire.

I woke up
this morning,
with a happy,
smiling face,
I could
feel inspiration rise
all over the place.

It comes and goes,
as it pleases.
I can’t just call it,
but when it comes,
this spiritual sense,
grows more
intensely intense,
washing over me
with color and sound,
taste, smell, and feel,
so that when I
see in my mind,
and feel in my body,
I know it’s real.

Inspiration is
being ‘in-spirit’,
and if absent,
I’m like a poem.
without a lyric.

And when
my passion’s
creative vision,
matches the ardor
of my desire,
that’s when I really know
“this girl is on fire!”.

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