Today I am a Cardinal

 Just before dawn,
a very noisy scene,
took place on the lawn,
braking up our daily routine.
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lighter cardinal

What a ruckus this morning,
when without any warning,
and with no relief, or surcease,
a bluejay disturbed the peace.

Then, from out of nowhere,
dashed a brilliant-bright red.
And from this tussled pair,
feathers everywhere were spread.

With his lover’s nest so close, 
the Cardinal would have none of that.
The Bluejay turned white as a ghost,
after being shown where its at.

I put my Jacket on to keep me warm,
then for a puppy-run,to keep good form.

While walking in the park,
I heard a faint hawk cry,
my puppy started to bark,
when I saw a bluejay nearby.

Betrayed the culprit behind
the call that wasn’t true,
not from who it was designed,
(with a dash of royal blue).

Clever little fellow,
with trickery and deceit,
wanted to disrupt
the mellow,
and the Red-Robin’s
family retreat.

On the ground,
the Robin nervously pacing,
bobbing up and down,
her troubled heart was racing.
So I clapped my hands,
and the Bluejay flew away.

Grateful, the Robin lands,
on her nested hideaway.
As I brushed off my overcoat
I noticed;
it was brilliant-bright red.
‘Just like this morning’s Cardinal,
an antidote
to the commotion’- I said.

It was then, I knew
that a single thread,
runs through all things.
to be mystically fed,
by the King of Kings.

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