Whatever is holding you back

When you’re at
your wits end
after trying everything
you can think of,
the mystics of old
knew an effortless rule
that they, in allegory told,
and it may be simple,
but not easy,
nor a matter of will.

Whatever is
holding you back
from falling
into the dream,
into a sort
of surrender;
and if whatever
you do,
you just can’t find it,
to drop back,
and let it find you
in the moon’s afterglow,
then, follow the sun,
let it go, and know,
it is done.

For in this world of
echos and shadows,
life is no more than the
appeasement of desire,
from one to the next,
and we seem never to tire,
as we vacillate between
satisfied to vexed,
unless we yield
to that inner strength
and consent to that
which is revealed.


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