When I’m 65

When I’m 65 (title credit The Beatles)
Under a moonlit sky we howled.

Holy Shit!
I made it!
I actually,
finally, made it!

Truth be told,
I wasn’t sure I ‘d survive,
and never thought
I’d make it
to the big sixty-five, alive.

There were
some very close calls,
and even monumental falls,
especially those times,
I thought I was being so clever.
Yet, here I am,
telling my story
in all my gore and glory,
where everything rhymes,
and I’m doing better than ever.

What’s next in my forecast?
I’ll conjure up
lots of awe and wonder,
calm winds,
sprinkled with sunshine,
a smattering of
lightning and thunder,
and a steady deluge
of the divine.

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