Will Power- Transformation

Will Power – Transformation         to purchase prints click

Will Power - Transformation

You can not will it
to be over,
that do-be, do-be, do..
The cycle just goes
on and on,
until its time is due.

you can fake it
for a moment’s lie,
and you can fool
yourself too,
but the harder you try,
will just prove,
that its the greater of you.

Only surrender
and a long persistence,
can provide the evidence,
that you can go the distance.

Then like magic,
yielding lost treasures,
seemingly by chance,
whose open heart’s eye
sees only abundance.

On a barren, winter-frosted tree,
as the sunlight’s shadows dim,
an unseen light shines brightly,
and at the edge of a naked limb,
rests an abandoned bird’s nest,
with half-eaten seeds,
grieving for what I guessed,
gave rise as my thoughts decreed;
‘Think only of the love expressed.’               full image click

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