with grasses and flowers

I bent down
to be closer,
closer to the ground.
Then I sat in the grass,
amongst the flowers,
focusing on life’s
wonderful mystical powers.

My attention centered
in both heart and mind,
was a valid say,
which inspires
imagination’s motion,
and brought about a day,
both gentle and kind,
with a reddish,
blue-green sky
and salty spray from
the far-away ocean.

The truth took hold
and began to unfold,
in a most natural way.
I’m not running hot or cold,
because my experience today
shows, that awareness
is the potter’s clay,
and feeling ‘natural’ is the mold.

the grasses and flowers
were talking to me
about their traditions
and experiences
in the great mystery.

And on this
beautifully designed,
sunny afternoon,
I was given a truth,
that my logical mind
could no longer impugn.

It was all so real,
with color, smell,
taste, sound and feel,
that there can be no appeal
by those that are
For the truth is,
it’s imagination that,
makes the world go round.


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