I wonder what it feels like

Divine imagination,
its how it all began.
And imagination is
all the same, whether
divine or human.

So I’m going to use
all the tools that
I have been given
and that I can,
to make true,
that which I
intend and feel is true,
to affect my best life,
and even better than.

If I am successful
in molding my true beliefs
to agree with my desires,
then my world reflects
that I am that,
then shapes and conspires
to draw to me
and present from me,
what I purposefully aim at.

I found a living truth
within the deep of myself.
It may sound fantastical,
and suspending the judgement
of my senses may not
seem so practical,
but if I prove to myself,
that what happens is real,
what care I
what others may
say, think or feel.

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